Time to relax and renew...

One Spirit Family Massage & Yoga

            Do you have chronic issues and annoying tension? Tight shoulders, achy hips or low back pain?

                                                         It's time to check this out!

                                       Here's what you get when you combine supported yoga poses and blissful massage...

While you relax in a restorative yoga pose, knowledgeable hands will gently massage away your tension, release tight muscles, and calm your nerves. Using lots of props for comfort, soft quiet music, and mindfulness; this one-on-one yogassage session will restore your body back to a balanced natural state. This form of yoga therapy combined with massage can reduce tension and enhance deep muscle release, it's amazingly effective!  No yoga experience necessary.

Call (609) 466-8786 or email Nancy McCormack at to schedule your yogassage appointment.

Go ahead and schedule your appointment today, its only $75 for a full hour of bliss!


"Nancy at One Spirit is wonderful.  Her insight and intuition are a vital part of her massage services; adding to a great massage experience. She has created a soothing, relaxing, stress-free atmosphere.  Her knowledge of the physical body, chakras, reflexology and meridians makes a massage at One Spirit an unforgettable experience.  Did I mention the aromatherapy and beautiful music she plays?!?!  Plus, she always wears a smile :)"                                                                                                                                            Lisa C.